About RLI


About Restoration Leadership Institute (RLI)

Originally named the Midwest Training Institute in 2007, the school rebranded to Restoration Leadership Institute (RLI) in 2012.

Managed by Ken Larsen, CR, The Restoration Leadership Institute (RLI), publishers of Leadership in Restorative Drying – Gold Edition, have been acquired by the International Dry Standard Organization, Inc. (IDSO), developers of DryStandard™ Report Software. The RLI is a Clean Trust (aka IICRC) approved school that has produced the industry’s only single restorative drying reference guide approved for use in their three water damage courses:

  • Water Restoration Technician (WRT),
  •  Applied Structural Drying (ASD) and
  • Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS)

This book is also recommended reading material for those who wish to attain ACAC ANSI / NOCA Standard 1100 Certification:

  • Council certified Structural Drying Remediator (CSDR) and
  • Council Certified Structural Drying Supervisor (CSDS)

Additionally, the RIA certification programs include this book in their recommended reading for their programs:

  • Water Loss Specialist (WLS) and
  • Certified Restorer (CR)

The book is recommended material for those seeking a degree from Purdue University with a concentration in disaster restoration.

To order your copy of Leadership in Restorative Drying – Gold Edition, please visit this link:

Click Here to Purchase Your Copy Today!

Additional courses are added periodically and as new RLI instructors introduce course offerings.

In 2020, RLI began offering third-party student grading services for select organization who provide specialized education related to the property repair industry.

Other independent organizations like the IICRC, ACAC, RIA provide course learning objectives to instructors and schools followed with student examination grading services and student registry. Some exceptional education opportunities exist outside these organizations, and RLI both welcomes and recognizes these peripheral subjects to be relevant to the mission of RLI in mentoring emerging leaders in the restoration industry.

Education providers can submit their course syllabus and course content to RLI for consideration for inclusion in the list of subjects recognized by the RLI. Once approved, the RLI can:

  • Collect and record student contact details.
  • Offer online examinations.
  • Grade the student’s exam and notify them of the results.
  • Provide a Certificate of Completion (pdf)
  • Optional: Issue a professional ID badge with personal photo with Certificate issuance.

Why RLI Registrations Can be Trusted

Courses registered within the RLI are reviewed by industry experts for compliance with published industry standards and guidelines and good business practices. If the course promotes a product or process for personal gain, it is unlikely to be approved within the RLI. Student feedback is also considered for continued offering.

The RLI does not own or manage course content/examinations and are the property of the educator(s). Therefore, the RLI makes no guarantee or warranty toward the accuracy of the information delivered within the courses, only that they successfully challenged the exam with a passing grade.

Education providers that would like to offer third-party exam grading services can reach out to ken@drystandard.org to discuss the suitability of the course for RLI course registration.

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