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There is no question that educating your staff is a critical part of your restoration company’s success. The financial loss incurred when a job goes wrong is not limited to paying for mistakes. There is the intangible loss of your employee’s efficiency, loss of reputation, loss of confidence and even loss of potential revenue. Competence is usually improved when your front-line staff applies scientifically correct theory to their design of an effective cleaning and restoration strategy.

But educating your staff with the information found in the IICRC curriculum can add up to be a very expensive investment, especially if you experience any turn over in employees.

The Restoration Leadership Institute has a solution that makes possible the ability to reduce the tuition costs per technician for less than half of the suggested retail price of sending a single employee to an offsite class. By hosting a class at your facility, your entire staff including office administration has the opportunity to be trained inexpensively. At your option, you can even make the course public and invite other restorers from outside your company and charge full retail rates (you keep the profit) to further offset the expense of training your own technicians. You can even invite adjusters to your event as part of your marketing campaign. What would it be worth to have an adjuster exposed to your company for 3 straight days?

The restorative drying education events are particularly valuable when augmented with the ACAC CSDR / CSDS Certification tuition. A frank discussion and clarification of many drying concepts that frequently confound both restorative drying professionals and insurers are fair game in this venue.

Educated staff are happier, more productive, more competent restoration professionals. This in turn leads to employees that remain on this career path and improve company loyalty. Employee turn-over diminishes. Market reputation improves. Market share increases. Profitability intensifies.


The solution and benefits are obvious.

Restoration Leadership Institute makes it possible to reduce the tuition costs per tech for less than half of the suggested retail price!

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