IICRC – Applied Structural Drying (ASD) Certificate Course


Host an RLI ASD class: (All expenses included except IICRC Registration Fees) (Not being offered at this time.)

MSRP for each student tuition: $1195

Course Includes: Cliff Notes version of Leadership in Restorative Drying for WRT / ASD Courses Student Workbook. The full version of Leadership in Restorative Drying will be available to students for 35% off $249.00 MSRP; ($175). IICRC exam available upon completion.

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The Institute is headed by Ken Larsen, CR with over 43 years of experience in the restoration industry and his articles have been published in many highly recognized publications.

4-Day Course

This 4-day course examines the residential field of water damage restoration, including the basics of: customer communications, mitigation theory and application, psychrometry 201 and 301, drying equipment, and documentation theory. The Applied Structural Drying course utilizes a real world “hands on” approach to teaching water damage restoration techniques. We actually flood our IICRC approved structure to create an environment that allows students to apply the different theories and methods of drying structure and content, taught in the WRT certification course (which is a pre-requisite for this course). This course is required by many insurance companies to participate in their preferred vendor programs. Designed for technicians who are being groomed for team leadership on residential water damage repairs. The Restoration Leadership Institute is the leader in providing value-added training to the property damage restoration industry. While the course content is defined by the IICRC, the RLI provides additional information as requested by the students in the classroom related to the subject being taught.

Course Topics Include:

  • Communications and safety
  • Airmover and dehumidification formulas and placement
  • Review and practice with inspection tools
  • Classes and category review
  • Hands on–extraction, mitigation, equipment installation, monitoring, documentation, data interpretation and action plan.
  • Psychrometrics 201 and 301
  • Microbiology 101
  • Pressurization